Lord RAJA – “Shook”

Chester Raj Anand is a Brooklyn producer who makes fucking dope hip-hop-infused electronic music under the name Lord RAJA. Ghostly International and Adult Swim’s in-house label Williams Street Records are releasing his new album PARA, built from synth sounds he sampled at Austin’s famed audio store Switched On during SXSW. Lead single “Shook” emerged today, and it’s a creeping, clattering nightbeast of a track with an ethereal breakdown that makes me feel like I’m crying robot tears. As a person who usually shies away from instrumentals, I can attest that this one is absolutely worth your time.

01 “Stars (Intro)”
02 “Zerulean”
03 “Butterfly On A Jet”
04 “Sheep”
05 “Broken Computer”
06 “Ride Out” (Digital Bonus)
07 “H3000″
08 “Stoked Tourist”
09 “Koi Fish”
10 “Renaissance Endo”
11 “Shook”
12 “Footwork”
13 “Flying Towards The Ground”
14 “Invst” (Digital Bonus)

PARA is out 12/22 digitally on Adult Swim/Ghostly International and 1/22 on vinyl via Ghostly. Pre-order it here.

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