Watch Carrie Brownstein Preview Her Traditional English Folk Album On Colbert

Does it really seem that unlikely that Carrie Brownstein would release an album of 16th-century English folk ballads? She does live in Portland, and she is probably friends with at least a couple of Decemberists. I could kind of see it. In any case, Brownstein was a guest on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show last night, promoting her new memoir, the just-published Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl. On the show, she sat for an interview with Colbert and did a pretty incredible job fielding this impossible question: “Are you cool?” And as a bonus online comedy bit, she performed a bit of O Dreary, Baneful Morning, the English folk album that she is definitely not going to release in real life. Below, watch the interview and the comedy bit.

You can watch Brownstein’s full Late Show episode, which also featured Hillary Clinton and Antony Bourdain, here. Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl is out now, and we should all totally go buy it.