Post Life – “Dissolve” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Last month, Los Angeles four-piece Post Life put out their debut album, Living Can Wait, a very promising collection of loose and scrappy punk songs, built on toe-tapping rhythms and punctuated by alternating sweet-and-poisonous vocals. Unlike their respective band and album names, which seem to hint at them being slackers, all of their songs are bursting with life and urgency and an unbridled energy. Their lyrics are a bit more subdued, many taking the form of mantras that are on all different points of the positivity spectrum: “There is no rewind, every day is undefined/ There is no undo, what you do is up to you,” goes the borderline inspirational and eponymous closing track. “NextGen” takes the stance of reluctant motivational indifference: “But I am still okay, and I will not complain/ Yeah, I am still okay/ There is no other way.” Neither of these sentiments are outwardly encouraging, but they still feel like a comfort because they face the hardships of life in a even-handed and realistic way.

Dissolve,” one of the album’s many highlights, sees fighting with a partner as a suffocating but inevitable way of life: “Can we argue more?/ Can we see who’s right?/ Nothing’s wrong with this/ It’s how we spend our night.” When you’re in an argument with someone, the rest of the world often seems like it fades away, and the video for the track plays out along these lines: It follows a girl laying in bed, absorbed in and upset at her phone. Her friends act out a memorial around her, looking on somberly at the person they’ve lost. Eventually, she rises out of her stupor via a dramatic run through the streets, and comes to meet her friends back on the other side. Watch the video and check out the whole album below.

Living Can Wait is out now via Papermade Records. You can purchase it here.

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