Triathalon – “Nothing Bothers Me”

Savannah indie-rock crew Triathalon are releasing their sophomore full-length, Nothing Bothers Me, in a few weeks. We’ve already heard the propulsive lead single “Slip’n,” and now they’re sharing the title track. While the phrase “Nothing Bothers Me” might seem happy, it also implies a kind of numbness, and even though he’s singing over a haze of romantic, spangly guitar tones, frontman Adam Intrator’s vocals take on a vaguely unsettling sing-song quality: “Feelin’ better now/ I’ve forgotten what I’m sad about/ My brain can make my mouth shut,” he sings. “Sometimes, I feel alone/ Cause my mind takes over my body like it used to.” Listen below.

Nothing Bothers Me is out 11/13 on Broken Circles; pre-order it here.

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