Fakear – “De La Luz”

French electro-tinkerer Théo Le Vigoureux, aka Fakear, is amassing a strong following in Europe (and has a slick collage of his fan’s instagrams on his website to prove it) but hasn’t felt such fervor in the States quite yet. His growing catalog shows a keen sensibility of the audial intricacies of sound — both organic and electronic. Last year’s SAUVAGE brought together exotic instrumentation, glitchy studio-trickery, and world beats to create an alluring collection of downtempo, chill-out tracks. “De La Luz” expands on this kind of sound by turning up the pulse and laying out more chimes, chants, and otherworldly sounds. What’s created is a majestic fusion of earthy and synthetic textures that’s not only delicious to the ears, but brainy in it’s technical wizardry. Listen.

Fakear’s Light Bullet EP is out 11/13 on Counter Records.

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