Jeremih – “You & I”

Jeremih – “You & I”

The great Chicago R&B singer Jeremih has been steadinly cranking out new music — including bona fide hits like “Don’t Tell Em” and “Planes” — for the past couple of years, and yet his promised album Late Nights has not seen the light of day. He put out a mixtape called N.O.M.A. (Not On My Album) and then didn’t release an album. It’s weird. Late last night, a slinky new track called “You & I” appeared on Spotify, and it’s still up there, but now it won’t play? I have no idea what’s going on with any of this. But some enterprising internet figures put “You & I” on Audiomack; better listen now before it disappears again.

UPDATE: After the Audiomack link went dead, an official version of the song hit YouTube. But now instead of “You & I,” it’s called “oui.”

There is no earthly reason for Late Nights to not come out, but I still wouldn’t hold my breath.

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