Boy George Tells The Voice U.K. Audience “I’ve Slept With Prince”

Boy George and Prince were two of the most popular musicians of the ’80s, and both made unique strands of androgynous sexuality a big part of their respective images. Still, it must have been pretty shocking when, on the set of The Voice U.K., Boy George uttered these words: “I’ve slept with Prince.” The Culture Club frontman is a judge on the show this season, and The Daily Mail reports that he was having a lighthearted battle with fellow judge Paloma Faith regarding the performers they’ve collaborated with. When Faith mentioned she’d performed with Prince, Boy George allegedly responded, “Forget that, darling. I’ve slept with Prince.” The crowd went wild, and the production crew paused filming for a few minutes. When the shoot resumed, Boy George backtracked on his comments, saying he hadn’t really slept with Prince and merely had a Prince poster on his wall. Spin rightly wonders whether Prince will address this on his meme-filled Instagram account.