Flowers – “Ego Loss” (Stereogum Premiere)

If there was ever a band whose name somehow encapsulates their sound perfectly, it’s Flowers. The London indie-pop three-piece makes music that is blossoming and intricate, fresh and effervescent, the first days of spring in song form. On their wonderfully enchanting new track “Ego Loss,” glistening guitars chime under Rachel Kenedy’s celestial vocals. “Do you know? Do you know?” she asks repeatedly in a fragmented chorus that sort of floats and drifts across the track, and the ethereal nature of it all just makes you desperate to give her a concrete answer. It builds and builds until it bursts at the end, a careful grunge twist intruding on the track’s pop delicacy. We’ve premiered their previous song “Joanna,” which is just as mistifying as “Ego Loss.” Now hear the new one below.

Flowers’ next album is coming soon via Fortuna POP! (Europe) and Kanine (US).

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