Mind Enterprises – “Chapita” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Mind Enterprises is the one-man project of Andrea Tirone, who dabbles in funky rhythms and groovy pulses in his latest track, “Chapita.” The Italian musician’s vein of upbeat electro is stylized in the video, an aesthetically-pleasing venture into funhouse mirrors and bright primary colors. Directed by the Fashtons (the husband and wife team that is artist Ben Ashton and photographer/director Fiona Garden), the whole clip looks like a performance art piece in tangent with the song, as quirky and bubbly as the music itself. Watch and listen below.

Says Tirone about the project:

Dick Kozha, from South Africa, wrote an album called Chapita and I was listening to it a lot. Sal from Liquid Liquid originally gave me the record in Turin. When I wrote the song I related the two names – Chapita is a girl, and the song is about a girl so I wanted to use the name as a sort of homage. I also imagined the song sonically as a minimalist take on Afro-funk, which is usually quite maximal with polyrhythms and percussion.”

“Chapita” is out now on Because Music. Here’s the single art: