Watch Carrie Brownstein And Amy Poehler Officiate An Impromptu Wedding At Brownstein’s Book Event

Carrie Brownstein is currently touring the United States in support of her recently released autobiography, Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl, and was in Los Angeles yesterday for an event at the Central Presbyterian Church, where Amy Poehler was on hand to moderate a conversation with the musician and actress. As Rolling Stone points out, the night took a turn after two fans asked Brownstein to marry them right then and there — Brownstein, who is apparently a licensed wedding officiant, obliged and held a ceremony for them while Poehler hung out at the organ in the background and eventually played a rendition of “Greensleeves.”

“All of us here are rooting for you,” Brownstein said to the couple. “In the way that we always root for ourselves, in the way that we root for love to always win out over despair, for hope to win out over fear, for joy to win out over sorrow, we root for you in those ways … We root for the two of you to make each other feel the biggest, strongest, most special you ever felt.” Watch the full ceremony below.