Frankie Cosmos – “Young”

Greta Kline — bka Frankie Cosmos, fka Ingrid Superstar — has been quietly amassing a collection of charmingly intimate DIY pop on Bandcamp for years, but she broke into the mainstream indie-world consciousness last year with the release of her first full-band, in-studio LP, Zentropy. It was a great album, so most of the reviews (rightly) focused on that, but tucked away in a third or fourth paragraph somewhere, as an aside, they would often mention a couple of things: One, she’s really young (19 then, 21 now), and two, she’s the daughter of two famous actors (whom you can easily look up if you so desire).

The weirdness of being a public figure, of having the details of your life magnified and examined and written about in excruciating detail, is part of what she sings about on “Young,” the second excellent single we’ve heard from her upcoming Fit Me In EP. “It was one of the first things I wrote as a reaction to having my songs and myself be out in the world and open to scrutiny,” Kline told Interview Magazine, where the track premiered. “At least it’s cute that I try/ I wrote some songs that I sung/ And have you heard I am so young/ And who my parents are,” she sings over glimmering keyboards. “I just wanna be alive, that’s it.” Listen below.

The Fit Me In EP is out 11/13 via Bayonet Records.