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I’m on a flight to LA, ready to fall asleep to Art Angels, but decided to break out my laptop and pay a ridiculous amount for Gogo Inflight Internet so you guys get your Shut Up, Dude on time. ICYMI, earlier today, almost four years after Visions, Claire Boucher delivered an unconventional pop masterpiece. She only had to scrap an album, fire her management, and teach herself ukulele to get there. On the way to the airport, I heard Boucher in conversation with Alexis Krauss and Caroline Polachek on SiriusXMU. I only managed to catch a story about how Grimes foe Ariel Pink wasn’t happy about Chairlift opening for him and was a dick to Polachek on tour. Would like to have heard the rest! Anyway, you can read our Premature Evaluation of Art Angels and stream it here. I’m halfway to California now. Enjoy your weekend! Come Monday, it’s a dream.


#10  silas wegg | Nov 2nd Score:33

Damn I’ve lost all respect for Demi Lovato’s songwriting

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#9  crania americana | Nov 5th Score:33

Ben Carson — that’s my name
guess what? the pyramids were built to store grain
the holocaust? shit was totally whack
if Jews had guns they coulda prevented that
slavery was bad but I’ll tell you what’s worse
Obamacare straight up stealing out your purse
10% flat tax that’s no lie
separated twins/ Benny C ’til I die

Now imagine that being rapped over a halting staccato flute sample interspersed with some choice Ben Carson soundbites and you’ve got yourself a straight up BANGER.

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#8  meat | Nov 5th Score:33

lucky bastard. all i get is hate mail from morrissey fans.

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Klyn | Nov 2nd Score:35

You know what? You’re right, there *is* a dearth of respected female music producers out there. But it’s not SOPHIE’s fault. It’s a damn pseudonym, like Sorority Noise (a band with all male members) naming themselves after an all-women organization. A quick google search reveals that SOPHIE’s real name is Samuel Long. He’s referred to as “him” in every article about him. In fact, he embraces femininity and gender fluidity more than the vast majority of producers today. The idea of feminine “appropriation” isn’t really fair.

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Josh Tillman | Nov 2nd Score:35

Hello people,
I understand that by slagging off “pop music”, I’m running the risk of coming off like I’m tacitly endorsing strictly my own music as fit for for consumption.

Which I am.

If you objectively deconstruct my music: compositionally, harmonically, lyrically, etc., you will have no choice but to acknowledge that in terms of commodity-dollar spent as cross-referenced against hard musical data (BPM, syncopation, melodic variety, beauty, sophistication, dignity) you will find it is (in no abstract way) a better value than anything else on the market.

The kind of pseudo-intellectual, pluralistic, speculative hair-splitting that happens on forums like this ignores the fact that music, and culture in general, is only meaningfully understood in terms of broad strokes. Accounting for the liquid nature of taste quickly leads into a quagmire of particularities, and arguments like the ones above fragment the cultural left and leave it vulnerable to the intrusion of mainstream invaders.

Just to clarify, when I’m discussing dualities I mean “Father John Misty” and “everything else”. I wouldn’t put myself in harm’s way day in and day out if I didn’t believe that the world would be a better place if people listened to nothing but me, and that by buying my music (which, btw, can be worn as an identifying badge) one’s spiritual life is enhanced in ways that make them immune to the torrid, crass diversions of this fallen world.

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#5  LeMonjello | Nov 2nd Score:38

Grimes thinks U2’s giant crab is “fucked up”.

Would have been more accurate.

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#4  yourmotherisaballpointpenthief | Nov 5th Score:39

7.2/10, quality trolling but nowhere close to his peak. The bit about in-ear monitors and E-cigarettes was quality.

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#3  johnnyfuckhead | Nov 5th Score:43

dude’s looking back in anger

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#2  thelongspring | Nov 3rd Score:43

Where’s the Beef Wellington? You know, cuz they’re both British?
Alright guys, see you later.

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#1  Max the King of All Wild Things | Nov 2nd Score:56

In one of those photos he’s wearing a $4000 dollar suit, which

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#5  Maurice Christmas | Oct 31st Score:-18

“I’m so excited for the new Young Slime Mixtape.” -Nobody.

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Daniel O’Raw | Nov 5th Score:-20

Noel Gallagher and Oasis are a modern disease in music.

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#3  cast | Nov 3rd Score:-23

Damon keeps its real, sorry you can’t handle it and this only makes you look even more insecure. Although she doesn’t really have this media narrative around her, I have no doubts that Adele is a massive diva behind closed doors.

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#2  dan k | Nov 3rd Score:-24

Grimes makes some good music but she sure is a dummy.

1) RE: Less women producers… Could it be that women simply don’t seek out producer roles? Or that the ones who do don’t excel enough to stand out? Music production a highly technical field, the kind of thing that attracts MEN. Grimes and these other young self-proclaimed “feminists” today operate like there’s some giant conspiracy against women, minorities, trannies, etc., to keep them out of white male-dominated fields, but could it simply be that the candidates who apply aren’t qualified enough in their skillsets or merely don’t apply in mass numbers?

2) Thinking a rock light show has a significantly detrimental effect on the environment is laughable. The annual rate of U.S. carbon emissions measured in metric tons for ALL fireworks shows is about 60,000. The entire world emits about 37 billion annually (in the last decade or so.)

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Micah Smith | Nov 2nd Score:-30

glass houses

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Josh Tillman | Nov 3rd Score:7

Go to bed, Doris.

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