High Highs – “Cascades” (Stereogum Premiere)

High Highs – “Cascades” (Stereogum Premiere)

When we last heard from electro-acoustic pop duo High Highs two years ago, they were covering College’s Drive soundtrack gem “A Real Hero.” Since then they’ve opened for Vampire Weekend and Sky Ferreira and relocated from Sydney to Brooklyn, and now they’re back to making high quality originals a la “In A Dream.” Cascades, the album Jack Milas and Oli Chang will release early next year, is preceded by its title track today, a gorgeous arpeggiated shimmer that puts many of its ’80s-movie-soundtrack-reminiscent competitors to shame. The band says they wanted to make a distinctly Australian album, and I hear a bit of that in the gleaming guitar lines that function as the song’s lead melody. On the other hand, music this ethereal doesn’t seem bound to any particular time or place. Let it cascade over you below.

Cascades is out 2/5 on PIAS. Pre-order it on vinyl or CD.

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