John Malkovich – “Cryolife 7:14 A.M.” (Feat. Yoko Ono & Sean Lennon)

Sometimes, it seems like everything John Malkovitch has done in the decade and a half since Being John Malkovitch is one long extended wheel-spin, because what the fuck can you possibly do after that? Case in point: Malkovitch’s new project Like A Puppet Show, on which Malkovitch reads Plato over music from his collaborator Eric Alexandrakis, and then various all-star musicians remix it. We’ve already heard Rik Ocasek’s random-ass contribution, and now, thanks to Rolling Stone, we get to hear what happens when Yoko Ono and her son Sean Lennon get ahold of one of those tracks. The end result is called “Cryolife 7:14 A.M.,” and it really does sound like Malkovitch reading Plato while Ono and Lennon do unrelated things. It sounds like trash! Check it out below!

Don’t you feel culturally richer now that you’ve heard that? No? You don’t? In any case, Like A Puppet Show is out 11/27, and it’s part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday.