LUH – “Lost Under Heaven” & “Angels Sing”

Ellery James Roberts, former lead singer of WU LYF, teamed up with Ebony Hoon last year to form LUH (Lost Under Heaven), and we posted about their massive track “Unite.” Today LUH have released two new tracks, “Lost Under Heaven” and “Angels Sing,” via a BitTorrent download. The band also shared a longform mantra:

Whatever happens, happens. Embracing LUH challenges you to stop trying to identify with problems or solutions, all is. All is progression & All that is held aloft with such crushing importance today will be nothing but trivia in even 10 years time if we just live it; the insanity of destroying our mutual home will be looked back upon as necessary footnote in the history of the planets evolutionary progression.

We are doing the best we can with what we know, It has got us where we are, and the balance is at breaking point; thus we must change. An inner mechanism is put into action across the collective unconscious, there is an instinctual inclination that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way in which we exist, all the power structures of old can do is provide desperate distraction as the concrete of their myth falls back to sand.

Download the BitTorrent bundle here. It includes tracks “Lost Under Heaven” and “Angels Sing” plus additional artwork, alternate versions, photos, and a video slideshow.