Stream Mark McGuire Beyond Belief

Stream Mark McGuire Beyond Belief

Mark McGuire used to be the guitarist in Emeralds and has been making music on his own ever since he quit the group shortly before they disbanded. His latest album, Beyond Belief, is due out this Friday via Dead Oceans, and we’ve already heard a few of the LP’s singles, including “Sons Of The Serpent” and “Earth 2015.” Thump conducted an interview with McGuire that was published alongside his album stream, and in it he talks about Beyond Belief’s genesis:

Along The Way is about the birth of the individual into the world, growing around another human being, and getting to know the world around them—the constant re-evaluation of principles and your own actions. Beyond Belief basically is both a past-life experience and a current experience that will continue to happen throughout the future. The story itself starts with the first mythological race of humans who made the 3-D consciousness that we interact with everyday. The story’s based on the idea that consciousness can manifest in ways you can’t imagine. Your mind is the strongest and most powerful thing in the universe. Your belief can manifest what’s beyond your wildest dreams, but you can also get stuck on something and not move forward. We’re welcoming all this new technology and a wonderful new consciousness, but we also need to take the responsibility that comes with these things.

Stream Beyond Belief below.

Beyond Belief is out 11/13 via Dead Oceans.

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