Azealia Banks Cancels Tour, Under Investigation For Assaulting Security Guard

Azealia Banks is such a gifted artist, but she keeps getting bad breaks and getting in her own way. This morning, we’ve got news about both things happening. First off: She’s canceled a run of tour dates for the second time in the past few months. This fall, she’d planned to do a co-headlining tour with the R&B singer K. Michelle, but they canceled, citing schedules that weren’t lining up. (They ended up beefing with each other.) Instead, she announced a run of solo dates in the U.S. And now, as Billboard points out, she’s canceled those, as well. The one exception is an 11/19 hometown show at New York’s Terminal 5, which is still on. But she’s canceled all the other dates, claiming that she’s “busy at work” and she’ll be “back in January.”

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that L.A. police are investigating Banks for assaulting a security guard who kicked her and her friends out of a Los Angeles club. Allegedly, Banks and her friends were at L.A.’s Break Room 86, and security tried to kick them out when they “became unruly.” According to security, Banks saw them coming and tried to pull the fire alarm, which seems like a supreme dick move. When a guard tried to pull her off, she and her crew jumped on him and attacked. There is video, and it doesn’t look great.

Banks is facing criminal battery charges.