Young Thug Goes Off On Metro Boomin & Future On Twitter

Young Thug Goes Off On Metro Boomin & Future On Twitter

Young Thug’s impulsive, erratic unpredictability is one of the things that makes him such an exciting rapper, but it can also get him into some trouble, and that could be happening right now. Thug has done a ton of work with Metro Boomin, the tremendously exciting young Atlanta producer. They’ve got a duo called Metro Thuggin that was supposed to put out an EP last year, and Thug is the voice on Metro’s ubiquitous “Metro Boomin want some more, nigga!” drop. Metro co-produced one of the tracks on Thug’s brand-new Slime Season 2 mixtape. But Metro has also done a ton of work with Future, who is currently having a better year than anyone in rap, with the possible exception of Drake. In a recent string of tweets, Metro said that Future was the one responsible for the recent trend of putting out a ton of mixtapes in a single year and that nobody else should try to do what he’s doing. Slime Season 2 is Thug’s third full-length of 2015, and he evidently thought that Metro was referring to him. As Miss Info points out, he posted a string of angry responses, alleging, among other things, that Future is mere Tito Jackson to Thug’s Michael. Check out the whole exchange below.

Metro and Future have yet to respond, but hopefully we can all agree that Future is nobody’s Tito.

UPDATE: Young Thug tweeted again that he has no ill will toward Future…

…but Thug’s somewhat passive-aggressive response didn’t stop Future from apparently subtweeting him.

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