Prawn – “Seas”

Prawn – “Seas”

I can think of a few other bands in the contemporary emo scene that would probably be a better sonic pairing on a split with Moving Mountains, but none that match that band’s ambitions as well as Prawn. Over two full-lengths and a good deal of splits and EPs, the New Jersey quintet have proven particularly malleable with their sound, and here they take on some of their counterparts post-rock maximalism and let loose their characteristically tighter compositions. “Seas,” one of their two songs to the split, weaves in particularly complex detail, ebbing and flowing as freely as its choppy namesake. “We’re diving like ducks in the sand, finding old flames to fan,” Tony Clark sings in his burnished tone. “It’s always right brain, first left/ And there you stand, setting fire to sea, setting fire to me.” All of the subtly shifting parts of the song lock into place, and the track crests to a jaunty comedown. It’s a perfect companion piece to Moving Mountains’ contribution “Deathless” — listen below.

The Moving Mountains / Prawn split is out 11/27 via Triple Crown Records. Pre-order it here.

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