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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Up until yesterday morning, this was a pretty bleak week for music videos. Then an American hero came along to save us all. Her video is below, as are four others.

5. Haybaby – “Doored” (Dir. Cody Swanson)

This isn’t a masterpiece of the form or anything, but the final punchline got an actual physical snort out of me, and that’s not the easiest thing to do.

4. Seth Bogart – “Eating Makuep” (Feat. Kathleen Hanna) (Dir. Jennifer Juniper Stratford)

As a Baltimore native — and as a human being — I am honor-bound to love anything that reminds me of those early, nasty, sticky, raw John Waters movies, and I also have to give bonus points if the thing in question sort of makes me want to barf.

3. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Necessary Evil” (Dir. Sean Solomon)

Here’s something fun to think about: Even if you’re head-over-heels in love with someone, you can never truly know them on the deepest level because other people are always mysteries. Here’s a silly cartoon video to illustrate that point.

2. DJDS – “Stand Up And Speak” (Dir. Daniel Pappas & Nick Walker)

The best post-apocalyptic fiction is the stuff that allows us to imagine survivors having fun in the ashes of a bygone civilization. All the apocalyptic stuff is implied here, but the gas-masks get the point across well enough. And when is boogie-boarding anything less than fun?

1. Missy Elliott – “WTF (Where They From)” (Feat. Pharrell Williams) (Dir. Missy Elliott & Dave Meyers)

There are Missy videos, and then there are all other videos. Bow down.