TEEN – “All About Us”

TEEN – “All About Us”

The best moments on TEEN’s 2014 album, The Way And Color, were when the band sounded like they were juggling a million different instruments at once. “Not For Long” and “Rose 4 U” were great at demonstrating that balance, and it seems like the four-piece doubled down on that energy on “All About Us,” the lead single off of their new record Love Yes. It’s a breathy, fast-paced retro-R&B track that feels like it could stumble under its own weight but never does. Here’s how vocalist Teeny Liberson explained the track to Noisey:

“All About Us” is a song about the underplayed, quiet misogyny that women experience too often. The theme explores a situation that I have dealt with many times; if sexism is not in your face, and one isn’t saying it outright, then it couldn’t possibly be happening. If I then react, it is incredibly easy to be dismissed as a silly, overreactive women. The song evaluates this exact power play, and in turn makes fun of the perpetrator; because quite frankly, it’s insane that still is happening in this day and age.

Listen below.

01 “Tokyo”
02 “All About Us”
03 “Gone For Good”
04 “Another Man’s Woman”
05 “Example”
06 “Animal”
07 “Free Time”
08 “Superhuman”
09 “Please”
10 “Noise Shift”
11 “Love Yes”
12 “Push”

Love Yes is out 2/19 via Carpark Records.

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