Vince Staples Clowns On Empire: “Might As Well Just Bring Crack Back”

If Def Jam debut album Summertime ’06 was the only thing Vince Staples contributed to 2015, he’d be having a legendary year, but Staples is going above and beyond by becoming one of rap’s great cultural commentators. He’s had important things to say about serious issues, but he’s also been a masterful comedian, spouting killer one-liners all day on Twitter and toying with insufferable rap purists by saying the ’90s are overrated. The latest object of Staples’ biting critique is Empire, Fox’s gleefully absurd hip-hop soap opera that became an instant sensation this year.

As XXL points out, Staples sat down with GQ for a video segment in which he critiques 20 years’ worth of the magazine’s Men Of The Year cover. At the end he weighs on the 2009 cover, which features Chris Rock, who currently has a role on Empire. That sends Staples into a tongue-in-cheek rant about how Empire is destroying the black community. “Might as well bring back crack,” he says. “I like crack better.” Earlier, he weighs in on Kanye West, Michael Jordan, and others. Watch below and let some fun into your life during a trying week.

Summertime ’06 is out now on Def Jam. Read our interview with Staples.