Less Than 25 People Attend Mark Kozelek Show In Nebraska

On Tuesday night, Sun Kil Moon’s Mark Kozelek played a show in Lincoln, Nebraska to under 25 people, The Daily Nebraskan reports, who reviewed the concert as “more like a friendly house party than a show, with Kozelek as the crowd’s host and primary entertainer.” The venue, the Vega, has a capacity of approximately 400 — “Whether it’s a sold out show for 350 or an intimate gathering of 25, our goal is to provide you with an experience that is fun, memorable, and affordable,” their website states.

As with any Mark Kozelek show, it does seem to have been memorable. After telling the audience that the place was packed when he performed there last year and saying that “There was a four-hour delay for my flight in Denver today. It’s been a long day, and I’m tired so I’m just gonna go ahead and do whatever the fuck I want,” Kozelek opened the show with an a cappella rendition of “The Christmas Song.” Before performing “The Possum” off of his most recent album, Universal Themes, he said, “This next song is off a really good album and that’s according to everybody but Pitchfork, who apparently found out that I’m a bad person.” He followed that up by playing Benji’s “I Can’t Live Without My Mother’s Love,” remarking, “Now this song is off a really, really, really, really good album according to Pitchfork. But that was before they found out I was a bad person.”

According to The Daily Nebraskan, “Laughter wasn’t uncommon during the show, and Kozelek often poked fun at the primarily male audience saying he missed the days when girls actually came to his shows and then he asked several members of the crowd where their girlfriends were at.”

UPDATE: The venue says that attendance was actually at around 100 people, “vastly different” from The Daily Nebraskan’s initial report.