Fairytale Of New Teeth: Documentary About Shane MacGowan’s Dental Work Coming This Christmas

Ah, the storied life of a rockstar’s teeth. The Irish Sun reports that Shane MacGowan, the 57-year-old frontman of Irish punk legends the Pogues, will have the thrilling tale of his chompers chronicled in a new hour-long documentary called Shane MacGowan: A Wreck Reborn, set to air on Sky Arts next month.

And what a tale it’s been! In 2009, after a lifetime of drinking, smoking, and drugs, MacGowan had his last two remaining teeth removed and dentures put in. But after a while, he decided to stop wearing them, claiming that they made him look like “a dickhead.” Last week, however, he had a whole new set of implants put in (along with one gold tooth, just because), inspired by his long-term girlfriend’s decision to fix her teeth. “Victoria had hers done last year and I thought they were great, so I decided to go with the same dentist, Darragh,” he told The Irish Sun in an interview. “It was a bit swollen for the first few days but I’m feeling good now. I’m getting used to them now.”

In addition to talking-head interviews with the likes of Johnny Depp and Pete Doherty, the documentary will feature footage of the actual operation. Sure to be a heartwarming tale, just in time for Christmas! MacGowan is donating a portion of the royalties from press photos he’s had taken since the procedure to the homeless charity Focus Ireland.