Pear Bureau Disputes Rick Ross’ Impact On The Produce Industry

In a new interview with Time, Rick Ross acknowledges the video that went viral last year, in which he talks, somewhat inscrutably, about his new diet. Ross, who has lost a ton of weight recently, told Tim Westwood, “I eat pears and shit like that now. Shout out to all the pear [eaters].” (The video cut out before “eaters,” that’s why it was funny.)

When Time asked him about the enduring popularity of that video, Ross had a few things to say:

I hope a pear-growers association sent you a check or something.
They actually did.

Wait, really?
The pear association sent me a certified letter thanking me for the support. I thought it was funny. I believe they said that pear sales increased 18 percent 30 days after that.

But Time did some fact-checking and contacted Kathy Stephenson, marketing communications director for Pear Bureau Northwest. While she appreciated Ross showing support for all the pear, she disputed what he said about pear sales: “We did send Mr. Ross a thank you and a box of pears, but did not suggest our pear movement increased as a result of his statement.”

Ross also talked in the interview about his Adele remix:

You recently released an emotional remix of Adele’s new single, “Hello,” which caught a lot of people by surprise. Why did you choose that song?
I’ve been a fan of Adele since her first project. You know, she’s such a powerful singer, such a powerful voice. It’s incredible. I believe it’s been two or three years since the 21 project, so she gave us time to miss her a lot. She came back with the “Hello” record, and when I heard it, it was just like, damn.

It’s not the most obvious candidate for a rap remix. Did you know right away you’d put your spin on it?
As soon as I heard it I was like, “Woah.” Just a few months back I remember listening to the Sam Smith record. It had been out a few months by the time I absorbed it. I said, “You know what? I won’t remix it because I’m a little late on it.” That mean a lot to me. But when I heard the Adele record when it first came out, I was like, “This gon’ be a game changer, this gon’ be one of the biggest records in history of music.”

Ross’ Black Market is out 12/4 via Maybach/Def Jam.

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