Eugene Quell – “Song For Marla And Lucas”

Building up a backstory for an alter-ego can have its rewards, as Tobias Hayes has proven with Eugene Quell, the firebrand rebel persona that he’s been recording music for the past few years. “London Pollen,” the first track we heard from his upcoming third EP, I Will Work The Land, was melancholic in all the ways that his latest, “Song For Marla And Lucas,” is not. Instead, this is him at his snottiest. As Hayes explains to The Line Of Best Fit:

Lucas and Marla were actually Mr and Mrs Quell Snr. Sadly they died in a huge motor accident when Eugene was a teenager. They were trouble makers, and they raised a son that loves to be the fly in the ointment, especially at high-brow or high-class occasions when everyone else is kissing arse. As a tribute to them, this song is an ode to all the imposters out there, fucking with people’s shit.

Listen below.

The I Will Work The Land EP is due out 12/11 via Exploding In Sound / Sonic Anhedonic Recording Company. Pre-order it here.