Flowers – “Pull My Arm”

Flowers - "Pull My Arm"

The charming elements of Flowers’ indie pop seems to swirl around in the air like magic. Everything about the London trio’s music on “Pull My Arm” sounds elevated. Rachel Kenedy sings in a high-heaven register, her voice full of light as it dips gracefully between wistful longing and soft sternness. The song’s smeary guitar and effects pedal fuzziness evokes pastel tones painted with watercolors. It’s effortless pop with a soft heart and rough edges. Flowers shared two equally impressive singles, “Joanna” and “Ego Loss,” earlier this year, and now we know their album Everybody’s Dying To Meet You is set for release mid-February. Listen to “Pull My Arm” below.

Everybody’s Dying To Meet You is out 2/12/16 on Fortuna POP!

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