Stream Addie Pray Screentime

Nowadays, our connection to everyone around us is facilitated through a screen. When we want to get away from everyone around us, we also usually use a screen. That’s the tissue that ties all of the songs on Screentime together: Are we ever really alone anymore? Are we ever really with someone else, wholly and exclusively? Addie Pray is the solo project of Sports’ Carmen Perry and, though it’s been going for a few years, Screentime is the first collection of songs to get a wider release courtesy of Father/Daughter Records. It’s filled with songs about our generational vices and afflictions — watching TV and sending email; the whole thing ends with a track named after the infamous shrugging man that interpolates lyrics from Smash Mouth’s “All Star.” There are encouragements to “Stay Inside” and echoes of lyrics from Sports songs — “Am I scaring you? Am I crushing you?” — but if the whirlwind punk of Perry’s earlier band took the form of thoughts scribbled down in the heat of the moment, then Addie Pray songs are the result of trailing introspection teased out over a long night of restless sleep. It’s after you’ve had time to process everything, and you’re looking back with remorse and some sense of perspective. “I’m not alright, but I’m working up to it,” Perry sings on “Scabs.” Same. Listen via The Le Sigh below.

Screentime is out 11/27 via Father/Daughter Records.