Watch Fall Out Boyz II Men Play Kimmel’s Mash Up Monday

All month, Jimmy Kimmel Live has been bringing together pun-based band combinations for its Mash Up Monday series: Color Me Bradd, Joss Stone Temple Pilots, Jewel & The Gang. The show saved its biggest combination for last. On the outdoor festival stage last night, Kimmel united R&B legends Boyz II Men with emo superstars Fall Out Boy for a new version of Boyz II Men’s world-conquering 1991 debut single “Motownphilly.” In case, you’re wondering, no, “Motownphilly” does not sound good at all with FOB’s compressed crunch underneath them. But the performance has a fun energy to it, and Patrick Stump is the rare radio-rock frontman who can sing harmonies with Boyz II Men without embarrassing himself. Watch the performance below.

Can we take a moment for how great the original “Motownphilly” is? Because what a song.