Speedy Ortiz – “My Dead Girl” Video

We just named Speedy Ortiz’s sophomore album, Foil Deer, one of the year’s best, and today the band debuted a new video for the ominous song “My Dead Girl.” Sadie Dupuis once said that she wrote the song when she felt physically threatened by a few guys who started knocking on her car window as she sat alone on an empty road on the Fourth Of July. It’s one of the album’s darker tracks, and the accompanying David Lynch-themed video plays up its eerie ambiguity. Drama unfolds as Speedy Ortiz performs in Twin Peaks’ notorious casino One Eyed Jacks, and Dupuis goes on a date with a questionable puppet. Elle Schneider directs; watch below via Vanity Fair.

Foil Deer is out now via Carpark.