Blue Jean Committee – “Catalina Breeze” Video

Former Saturday Night Live castmates Fred Armisen and Bill Hader like ’70s soft rock so much that they formed a band, the Blue Jean Committee, and released an EP, Catalina Breeze, dedicated to spoofing it. They’ve now made a video for that EP’s title track, and it never breaks character. It’s exactly the sort of video that bands were making in the pre-MTV era: Mostly performance or studio footage, a few shots of anonymous musician dudes goofing off, absolutely nothing else. This one even has the can-you-believe-we’re-playing-this-arena? shot. Hader and Armisen never go out of their way to be funny. It’s… really something. Rhys Thomas and Alex Buono direct. Watch it below.

Catalina Breeze is out now on Drag City.