The Silence – “Ancient Wind Part 3″ Video

The Silence - "Ancient Wind Part 3" Video

The Silence is born from previous members of Ghost — the now-defunct Japanese psych group, not the theatrical Swedish metal ghouls. Frontman Masaki Batoh’s band released Hark The Silence last month, and we’ve already shared their visuals for “Little Red Record Company.” Now they’ve dropped a brain-rattling second video from the album. “Ancient Wind Part 3″ is a six-minute doozy of Lightning Bolt-style power guitars played in 7/8 time with a back-up flute and organ. The accompanying video is probably what a text-book definition of “trippy” would look like. It’s a tumbling kaleidoscope of colors set note-to-note to the chaotic track. Watch below.

Hark The Silence is out now on Drag City. Order the vinyl here.

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