Watch Deerhunter Reinterpret Smashing Pumpkins’ “Today” While Asking Billy Corgan Not To Sue

Billy Corgan’s lawyer threatened to sue Bradford Cox this week after the Deerhunter frontman detailed an alleged altercation from 2007 during a concert at the Asheville venue Orange Peel. Cox has since apologized, but during Deerhunter’s concert Sunday in Philadelphia, he took the opportunity to poke and prod at Corgan some more, transforming the opening riff from Siamese Dream hit “Today” into a 10-minute noise-pop improv and topping it off with some spoken word directed at Corgan. A choice excerpt:

Dear Billy Corgan/ I don’t even know you man/ Please don’t sue me/ I love my dog/ And I don’t have that much money/ And I don’t think you’re the kind of person/ Who’d starve somebody’s dog/ Just to prove a point

Cox began the song by asking the crowd not to record the performance, and he ended the jam by saying, “Whoever uploads that to YouTube can suck my dick.” Well, as Spin points out, YouTube user boz888 can suck Bradford Cox’s dick! Enjoy Boz’s footage below; Deerhunter’s reinterpretation of “Today” is actually phenomenal.