George Clinton & PE’s Hank Shocklee Talk Sampling

IPTA Blog has an abbreviated transcript of a panel on sampling at the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit featuring Funkasaurus Rex and one of rap’s greatest producers. Good bits:

- George Clinton: “The first artist found who sampled P-Funk was De La Soul.”

- Clinton: “When hip-hop came out I was glad to hear our songs [sampled], because we were getting on the radio. […] I’d figure out a way to make money off it. We went back on the road and started making money playing the long version of the songs.”

- Clinton responding to the question, “Is sampling lazy?”: “My mother called us lazy, too. She said that we just vamped– got on a groove for 20 minutes and jammed and that was lazy.”

- The original artists don’t see the sampling money, unless they pull a van Winkle and get sued: Clinton says, “We haven’t gotten hardly any of the money from the sampling.” In response, Shocklee says, “I know for a fact that we paid a LOT of money to Bridgeport. You look at the fact that these guys have been suing for a long period of time and a lot of money is being made and we should get a license for sampling, who is this actually benefitting? The original artist who made the song or the person who just happens to be the [rightsholder]?”