St. Vincent Discusses New Signature Guitar

Earlier this year, Annie Clark announced that she had created a St. Vincent signature guitar for Ernie Ball, which she first used live when joining Taylor Swift on stage during her 1989 tour. The guitar itself is now available to pre-order (for $1,899…), and Clark did an interview with Guitar World in which she discusses the process behind its creation.

“I really had total free reign,” she said. “I could have revamped one of their existing models or started from scratch and done my own. I ended up just starting from scratch. My particular guitar is based a lot on [Eighties German synthpop artist] Klaus Nomi’s aesthetic, the Memphis design movement, which was an [Eighties] Italian design movement, those Sixties and Seventies Japanese designed guitars like Tescos and then I went for classic car colors. I really like cars so I went for a ’68 Corvette with the color scheme.”

When asked about how it felt to be one of the few women with a signature guitar line, she had this to say: “Well I’m certainly glad to be a beacon for women and for anybody who likes music and my music. I’m glad that another guitar exists that is sympathetic to the female form. I’m glad that exists and I hope people, men and women, will enjoy the ergonomics. But smaller people and women especially.”

St. Vincent’s guitar, which features an African mahogany body and a rosewood neck, is available in either blue or black. More details here.

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