Watch Taylor Swift’s Solo Acoustic “Wildest Dreams” In Australia

Watch Taylor Swift’s Solo Acoustic “Wildest Dreams” In Australia

Taylor Swift is in Australia right now, playing all the country’s largest stadiums. But she also made the time to play a small 100-person show for the Australian radio station NOVA. During that set, she played an acoustic version of her monster ballad “Wildest Dreams,” and as far as I know, she’s never done the song like that. You could almost say that it’s a cover of Ryan Adams’ cover of the song. But Adams can’t sing like Swift, and Swift is not exactly the type to work Sonic Youth references into her own songs. Swift also did “Shake It Off” solo-acoustic, and she had the common decency to omit the “thisssss sickkkkk beatttt” part. The audience did an admirable job filling in on backing vocals and handclaps. Watch both performances below.

Swift’s 1989 is, of course, out now on Big Machine.

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