Watch Run The Jewels Rip Down The Jimmy Kimmel Live Outdoor Stage

Run The Jewels didn’t release an album in 2015, but they’ve had a huge, dominant 2015 anyway, conquering every stage they stepped on and unleashing the Meow The Jewels insanity upon the world. And they capped things off last night with a triumphant performance on the outdoor stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live. You presumably already know this by now, but Killer Mike and El-P are one of the great live acts on the face of this planet. On the show last night, they did the heavy, moody Run The Jewels 2 track “Crown,” playing it live for the first time ever, with a live band thickening up their sound. And as an online bonus, they also did the fight-starting “Run The Jewels,” from their self-titled debut. Watch both performances below.

Fingers crossed for RTJ3 to come out in 2016.