The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

In putting this week’s list together, I thought about including the video with Michelle Obama rapping about how you should go to college. It’s not on the list, and I didn’t omit it because it’s not a music video. It actually totally is a music video. I didn’t include it because (1) it’s corny as fuck, and (2) its message is terrible. Don’t go to college unless you really, really want to. Those fuckers will keep you in debt for your whole entire life. You don’t need it. This week’s picks are below.

5. Desaparecidos – “Golden Parachutes” (Dir. Luke McGarry & Joe McGarry)

A bright, colorful little cartoon about the history of American protest and the way it’s violently squashed at every possible turn. Adorable!

4. Field Music – “The Noisy Days Are Over” (Dir. Andy Martin)

As someone who doesn’t particularly like Field Music’s music, the idea of them following me around town all day sounds like a newly discovered circle of hell. It makes for a pretty fun music video, though.

3. Chairlift – “Romeo” (Dir. that go)

The Terminator-type villain in this video has to be the least intimidating Terminator-type villain in recent memory. The members of Chairlift can waste time posing hard in every cool-looking hole-in-the-wall spot on the whole Lower East Side, and they can still get away clean.

2. Björk – “Mouth Mantra” (Dir. Jesse Kanda)

Not that long ago, Björk made a strange, heady, entrancing album of music made entirely from people’s mouths. So maybe it’s not that surprising that she’d turn her own mouth into a terrifying psychedelic landscape in a new video. Maybe she was just waiting for the moment that technology made it possible.

1. Sauna Youth – “The Bridge” (Dir. Maria & Boon)

A sparse, clean, inventive punk rock video that executes its simple concept perfectly and turns out to be more engaging than anything else I saw this week: It’s a Christmas miracle!

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