The Dirty Nil – “Zombie Eyed”

The Dirty Nil – “Zombie Eyed”

Canadian alt-punk rockers the Dirty Nil have been together and touring since 2008, but will finally release their debut album Higher Power next February. They play guttural, primal punk music by way of a ’90s garage fix, and we’ve already heard previous track “No Weaknesses,” pulled from their forthcoming debut, as well its B-side, a cover of Fugazi’s “Provisional.” Covering Fugazi is no casual feat, and the Dirty Nil don’t settle for less with their new track “Zombie Eyed,” a high-octane thriller with a chorus of “I guess I’m just zombie eyed.” Lead singer Luke Bentham spits out the lyrics with a throat-scratching urgency over a rampant explosion of lawless guitars, and it’s this sort of feral intensity that’ll make the Dirty Nil’s debut an anarchic rollercoaster ride. Listen to “Zombie Eyed” below.

01 “No Weaknesses”
02 “Zombie Eyed”
03 “Wrestle Yu To Husker Du”
04 “Lowlives”
05 “Friends In The Sky”
06 “Violent Hands”
07 “Know Your Roden”
08 “Fugue State”
09 “Bruto Bloody Bruto”
10 “Helium Dreamer”
11 “Bury Me At The Rodeo”

Higher Power will be out 2/26 on Dine Alone.

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