Watch Joanna Newsom Talk To Larry King About Spotify, Andy Samberg, Kendrick Lamar

Joanna Newsom does so little mainstream media that it’s absolutely fucking bizarre to see her sitting down with American fossil Larry King, a man who has seemed permanently bemused for decades. We’ve already seen a clip of her teaching King to play harp, which was weird enough. And now the are a few more clips from Newsom’s interview on the online talk show Larry King Now up online. From what we’ve seen, the best parts are the ones where King asks Newsom about Andy Samberg, her husband. Sample question: “Does he like the harp?” Another sample: “Does he understand your vocals and your songs?” Also, Newsom names Dolly Parton and Kendrick Lamar as artists she’d love to work with.

UPDATE: The full episode is online now. Watch it below.

Was anyone else worried about that harp seriously hurting King?