Duplo Rock

Not that we want the System of a Down fans back for a rematch, but Something Awful has some thoughts on Mezmerize that bla bla bla here’s the lede:

All I ask is that you think critically about the music you listen to. It?s not so hard. Next time you put on a record, close your eyes and ignore how cool the band?s logo would look on a t-shirt. Allow the music to be processed by the part of your brain that does your taxes (or your math homework if you?re too young to work for The Man). After a few minutes, ask yourself ?is this terrible?? If you?re listening to a System of a Down record, you will either think to yourself ?wait a minute, yes, this is terrible,? or you will be unable to think things to yourself because you were kicked in the head by a horse when you were a child. If the former is true, congratulations. You?ve graduated. You?re now a discriminating non-idiot, and you can fend for yourself in the big scary world of adult tastes. If the latter is true, you can probably consider yourself exempt from this article, because you?re an adorable man-child halfwit who just wants hugs.

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