Death Index – “Dream Machine”

Death Index – “Dream Machine”

Merchandise frontman Carson Cox has a new band: Death Index, a duo with Marco Rapisarda, a member of Venice bands like La Piovra, Sgurd, and Archaic. Together, they’ve made an album of bleak and punishing postpunk, and they’re getting ready to release it on Deathwish, Inc., the label run by Converge frontman Jacob Bannon. Cox and Rapisarda recorded Death Index’s debut in Berlin, Tampa Bay, and Palermo, and its press materials namecheck the Birthday Party and Suicide. For me, though, neither of those names really applies to debut single “Dream Machine,” a revved-up two-minute fuzz-burst that’s almost metallic in its focus. Listen to it below.

Death Index’s album is out 2/26 on Deathwish.

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