Terrace Martin – “Alright (11)” (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

LA producer and multi-instrumentalist Terrace Martin was part of the team responsible for Kendrick Lamar’s explosive, expansive To Pimp A Butterfly sound. But he didn’t have his fingerprints on “Alright” until now. The hugely important song, one of our favorites of 2015, was originally produced by Sounwave and Pharrell Williams. Martin has delivered a remix called “Alright (11)” that strips down the song to mostly saxophone, organ, and cheers, significantly upping the jazz quotient while maintaining the original’s righteous, hard-hitting qualities. Martin told The FADER about his approach:

This song speaks for the world. It’s pure love being poured out from a place of hope and faith. I wanted to do this remix as my part to continue to push the message of love and to celebrate change! My only goal with all my music is to help and spread good vibes. I’m just happy we are helping to push a positive energy around the world.

Listen below.