Stream Broken Circles’ Everything Melts Eventually Split Feat. Bandit, Triathalon, & More (Stereogum Premiere)

Everything Melts Eventually: The title of Brooklyn-based label Broken Circles’ inaugural winter-themed split, and a sobering reminder that we’re all doomed in the end. Four great bands contributed to the release, and all brought something a little different to the table. There’s best new band Bandit’s sighing embrace (“Christmas is the hardest time of year,” they say), Triathalon’s loungey slow-burn, Ivadell’s pining crests, and Slow And Steady’s burnished closer. These are dreary songs, but they’re a comfort as we head into a holiday that can represent, well, the best of times and the worst of times. Listen below.

Everything Melts Eventually is out 12/18 via Broken Circles.