Baroness – “Try To Disappear” (Stereogum Premiere)

Baroness – “Try To Disappear” (Stereogum Premiere)

Baroness’ fourth LP, Purple, isn’t out for a few more days, but it still landed on our list of 2015’s best metal albums, because Baroness are one of the world’s best metal bands. The album’s first single, “Chlorine And Wine,” topped my list of the year’s best songs, because … well, it was the best song I heard this year. Purple is a 10-track LP that’s kinda (maybe coincidentally?) split into two distinct halves: Side A rocks out with greater abandon and faster tempos; Side B is a little slower and more spaced-out. “Chlorine And Wine” is one of the latter-half tracks, while respective second and third singles, “Shock Me” and “Morningstar,” are among the former. In fact, “Morningstar” leads off the LP, followed by “Shock Me,” and track 3 is the one we’re premiering today: “Try To Disappear.” It’s a burly, explosive rocker with some obscenely sweet guitars. When you’re done listening to this one, you can go to Twitter and search the hashtag #findpurple, which will lead you to every other thus-far unveiled Purple track (maybe excluding the 20-second outro “Crossroads Of Infinity”? I honestly don’t know). Anyway, spin this one, then all the others, then come back and lemme know what you think of the album.

Purple is out 12/18 via Abraxan Hymns.

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