LL Cool J Will Host The Grammys Yet Again

Hopefully, the fifth time’s the charm for LL Cool J. The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences announced today that LL would be hosting the Grammys for the fifth consecutive year in 2016, but they failed to indicate whether or not he would get any better at it. The Grammys place more of an emphasis on performances than host banter and trophy snubs distribution, but even in a more limited role, the rap legend’s room for improvement seems more like a vast chasm, or a suite in the Waldorf Astoria. Now that we know what to expect, the most we can hope for is that he won’t give us headaches as his eyes dart back and forth during not-so-subtle teleprompter readings. If only he could have Joseph Gordon Levitt lip sync for him. One can dream.

CBS will air the Grammys live on 2/15 from the Staples Center in LA. Watch begrudgingly at your own risk.