Los Colognes – “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” Video (Rolling Stones Cover) (Stereogum Premiere)

Los Colognes - "Jumpin' Jack Flash" Video (Rolling Stones Cover) (Stereogum Premiere)

Nashville six-piece Los Colognes seem perfectly fine with sitting out of frame from current musical trends, and their rootsy, bluesy folk rock is executed well enough that it doesn’t matter anyway. Their second full-length, Dos, came out in September and brought fresh colors to that breezy, vintage Americana sound most associated with CCR or Dire Straits. Their cover of the classic Rolling Stones song, “Jumpin Jack Flash,” has popped up more than once in their live shows. Now they’ve recorded a polished studio version of that cover and are sharing an accompanying video to boot. The clip shows the band performing the song, mixed along with clips of wildlife and scenery, but stripped of color and highlighted with bright neon lines. Watch below.

Dos is out now on Theory 8. Order it here.