Sleater-Kinney Ressurect Brooklyn’s Market Hotel

If you live in NYC and didn’t see Sleater-Kinney this week, you fucked up! The reunited Olympia punk trio gave you five chances at five different venues, and closed out their triumphant 2015 in the smallest room they’ve played in a long, long time. Last night’s concert served as the soft reopening of Brooklyn’s beloved DIY venue Market Hotel, which was closed by cops in 2010. Thanks to the tenacity of local promoter Todd P, the Bushwick space now boasts a temporary liquor license, some much-needed ventilation, and a neat window behind the stage through which the crowd can watch the M train pass behind the band. Ticketless fans had lingered on Myrtle Ave in the rain all day, some with desperate cardboard signs, even though the show was clearly 200% sold-out.

After Lee Ranaldo primed early arrivers with 40 minutes of feedback, Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein, Janet Weiss, and touring guitarist Katie Harkin locked in with a floor-shaking set that included half of No Cities To Love, their first album in a decade and one of the best of the year from anyone. Brownstein (who can currently be seen in comedy series Portlandia and Transparent, Todd Haynes’ dramatic Oscar contender Carol, Old Navy’s holiday commercials, and book stores selling her acclaimed new memoir) nodded to her less ubiquitous but no less ferocious musical partner with a homemade “WHORIN’ FOR CORIN” t-shirt. Naturally drummer Weiss had already been repped by fans because she’s Janet fucking Weiss.

Brownstein noted the irony of the night’s intimate setup: while it was awesome to play a 300 cap room, the stage was so small they couldn’t move around. Still, it was a thrill just to hear “Dig Me Out” again. For an encore Portlandia/Late Night/Blue Jean Committee’s Fred Armisen again joined in for “Rock Lobster,” the B-52s cover Sleater-Kinney brought back to their repertoire earlier this week. In this bow, Armisen’s shirt read “ANOTHER LADY FOR KATIE” and Tucker’s “FUCK CARRIE KILL.” None of this cheeky swag was for sale at the merch booth, but they did offer sweaty concertgoers Sleater-Kinney scarves that would’ve been seasonally appropriate in any other year. Check out photos from the show above and a video of “Price Tag” below.

“Price Tag”
“Bury Our Friends”
“Start Together”
“One More Hour”
“Youth Decay”
“Get Up”
“Surface Envy”
“Far Away”
“One Beat”
“All Hands On The Bad One”
?”A New Wave”
“The Fox”
“Words And Guitar”
“Turn It On”

“Rock Lobster” (The B?52s Cover W/ Fred Armisen)?
“Call The Doctor”
?”Dig Me Out”