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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Earlier this week, I published a list of the 50 best music videos of 2015. I watched so many videos to make that list! It took a really long time! So naturally, the week after that, the universe rewards me with a week in which there are basically no good music videos. The obvious best piece of music-related video this week was Chance The Rapper performing on SNL, and I don’t get to put that on this list. Instead, this was the week when everyone apparently decided, what the hell, it’s the holidays, let’s save our fire music videos until after the new year. There were some pretty good videos this week, but I’m not going to lie to you and suggest that they’re any better than pretty good. Check out all five of those pretty good videos below.

5. Father – “Alleyoop Swish” (Feat. LuiDiamonds) (Dir. JMP)

There is, admittedly, not a whole lot to this video, but the return of the fisheye lens is a thing I can get behind.

4. Abra – “Fruit” (Dir. JMP)

There’s not a whole lot to this, either. But in a slow week, pretty cinematography and an artist with serious presence are enough of a combination to get a video onto this list. Cool song, too.

3. Ra Ra Riot – “Water” (Dir. Rostam Batmanglij & Josh Goleman)

This is a beautiful country, and it’s fun to see so much of it rolling by behind the members of Ra Ra Riot.

2. Purity Ring – “heartsigh” (Dir. Alex Fischer & Cecil Frena)

Purity Ring have a lot of good videos, and they also have a stunning, unreal live show. it’s a bit surprising that it’s taken them this long to include all the lights of their live show in a music video, but they really did them justice.

1. Selah Sue – “Fear Nothing” (Dir. Isaac Ravishankara)

The best moments of the movie Deep Impact — the instances of human togetherness and love right before extinction-via-asteroid — rendered in music-video form.