CBGB Reopening … As Newark Airport Restaurant

CBGB Reopening … As Newark Airport Restaurant

When the legendary New York punk club CBGB closed in 2006, people talked about it as the end of an era. Well, if any of those people are still around and bemoaning things, let us now reassure them. Nearly a decade later, CBGB is about to reopen as a place where you can buy $9 deviled eggs while you wait for your flight. Punk rock can never die!

As Gothamist reports, there’s a new restaurant and bar called CBGB that’s about to open in the Newark airport. Apparently, the owner of the CBGB name assigned it to a holding company, and now that means we get this. According to Grub Street, the restaurant will offer “American fare in a fun environment recalling the legendary music venue.” No word yet on whether it’ll host any ultraviolent hardcore matinees, but I guess we can hope?

UPDATE: Some photos…

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